Terms and Conditions

General Purpose

Hi, I'm Florian. I'm a sociologist, a market researcher, a marketing manager, a blogger - whatever. But I wouldn't describe myself as a web developer. However, I think it's always helpful to be able to code. Therefore, my personal purpose for this website is having a sandbox that allows me to further develop my skills in web design / development. I'm driven by fun and curiosity and currently I don't have plans to give this site a commercial purpose.

What's the idea behind cardweasel? I have developed cardweasel to cover my personal need for a virtual cardbox. Whenever I had an idea or came across an interesting article, I struggled with keeping it until whenever I would need it again. Cardweasel helps me to store my ideas on the fly, to retrieve them whenever necessary and to organize them when creating content.


You are allowed to use cardweasel anonymously without any safety net. I will not actively collect any personal details such as IP address, name or email-address. Simply don't share personal details on this website, if you don't want to be identified.

Whatever you do or post on this site, you should always keep in mind that this project is an experiment for me. I cannot guarantee, that any information shared with this site will remain private and safe.


As I don't collect personal details, I won't be able to recover lost passwords, notify users about possible changes or verify user accounts. Hence, I will not be able to give any user support at all. This being said, please be aware that I might add, edit or delete features, content or accounts at any time in the future.


I may revise these terms of use at any time and will not be able to give you an update. By using this site, you agree to be bound by the then current version of the Terms and Conditions.


Florian Tress
Justinus-Kerner-Str. 23
80686 Munich
contact [at) cardweasel.com